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Your home may have nook’s and cranny’s. Make sure your policy covers them.

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After liability coverage the most important thing is to insure your home for what it would cost to rebuild or replace. And we can help with that. We’ll guide you through the questions needed.

There are some exciting new coverages that we will explain. Cyber security is becoming more important. You can get coverage from some companies for the laterals between the house and street. Equipment breakdown may be an option too!

And don’t forget the old standbys. Jewelry and collectables to name a few. Let us know if you have a swimming pool or trampoline. Some companies may require special handling. Pets can affect your liability. Find out what breeds are an issue up front.

Don’t forget that second home! And you umbrella!

And think about flood insurance. You may not be in a flood zone, but you may still have an exposure.

If you rent you still need coverage.

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