Insurance Resources

Appraisals and value estimates

As insurance agents we always recommend that items are insured to their replacement value.  Unfortunately this is a very subjective art.  We are not appraisers but we can direct you to some resources to get you started.

For cars including collector and antiques vehicles, motorcycles and boats, the following are helpful places to start

For collections of anything from art prints to firearms a good place to start is local dealers or search the internet.  Clubs of like minded collectors usually have access to buyers guides.

Your home usually has three distinct values.

  1. The assessment amount that your local municipality taxes you on.
  2. The price you could sell it for, and
  3. The cost to rebuild or repair.

Sometimes the values are similar, usually not.

For home valuations we use company provided software that tries to compute a value based on square footage and local cost of construction.  You can talk to a local builder or search the internet for guides to estimate your home replacement cost.

Disaster Information

Disasters take many forms. They’re caused by gale force winds, sudden floods, fire, ice, even upheavals of the earth itself. When disaster strikes, the best protection is knowing what to do.

Excellent sources of information are available on the web!

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